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How to report a security vulnerability

Becrypt is committed to addressing security vulnerabilities discovered in our software products quickly with care. We have a process in place to investigate and deliver fixes to our software, in a manner that minimises risk and disruption for customers.

As soon as we receive notification of a vulnerability, we will address the issue or create a response before the vulnerability is made public. We will work with you to verify the issue, gauge the severity of the vulnerability, deliver the fix and notify the Becrypt customer base as appropriate.

Should you find a vulnerability, please send an email to with the following information:

  • Becrypt product name and version of the product
  • Host operating system the vulnerability was exploited on
  • Date the vulnerability was discovered
  • Impact of vulnerability
  • Your name and company (if applicable)
  • Your direct phone number and email address

NOTE: Please do not state full details of the vulnerability in this email. Becrypt will open a secure communications channel to you for exchange of technical information regarding the vulnerability and any exploit you have developed.

Thank you.

The Becrypt Support Team

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