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In 2018, only 4% of data breaches were considered “secure breaches”*

Encryption is more important than ever for SMEs, but how do you overcome the challenges of setup and maintenance while adhering to best practices under GDPR regulations? Throughout 2018, 4% of data breaches were considered “secure breaches” where encryption makes stolen files unreadable.

Becrypt offers corporate & government level expertise to demystify encryption for small and medium sized businesses.

Download and read our introductory article exploring the 5 key things to consider when adopting encryption.

* Warwick Ashford, Computer Weekly, Jan 2019.

our Guide

What do I need to consider
when adopting Encryption?

  • Ease of use – How easy is the encryption to deploy and use?
  • Quality of support – Do they offer local support?
  • Proof of encryption – What proof do they offer that the device is encrypted?
  • Extendability – Can the encryption extend beyond your current requirements?
  • Best practice – Does the encryption adhere to industry best practice and government regulation?

Why choose Becrypt?

  • No lengthy set up headaches. Go-live in less than a day
  • Expert, easily accessible UK based support
  • Web-based reporting provides easy proof of data encryption
  • Free your IT resources with centralised management for reduced total cost of ownership
  • FIPS 140-2 accredited
  • Helps you to comply with GDPR best practices

Your Solution: Disk Protect

Comprehensive device security: The full disk encryption solution to protect data-at-rest held on desktops, laptops, tablets and removable devices from theft or loss

Encrypts Every Section

Encrypts every section of the hard drive preventing unauthorised access to anyone accessing the files without permission.


Provides strong authentication to load the operating system and access user files, protecting existing and new data without causing any impact on day-to-day operations.

Secure Portable File

Converts any standard external storage device into a secure portable file store, enabling users to access data securely from any location.

Centralised Management

Full centralised management enables quick deployment across thousands of devices within just hours.